Medical Astrology



The art and science of Medical Astrology and Astrological Psychology focus on a comprehensive, spiritual understanding of the basic components of human anatomy, physiology, disease and nature of the human psyche.


With strong ties to Jungian psychology, traditional Astrology describes twelve (12) basic “archetypes”or universal patterns that exist in all of life.  Astrological Medical and Psychological constitution are determined at birth, affording a skilled Medical Astrologer a valuable tool when diagnosing and treating patients.


Four (4) Elements: Fire, Earth, Air & Water;


Three (3) Modalities: Cardinal, Fixed & Mutable;


Twelve (12) combinations, provide clear insight into why we are each unique.


There are three (3) important Astrological Signatures that we each have:


  1. Rising Sign: your mask/facade; the exterior you; the lens you view the world and the world views you thru; the first impression that you give and others receive.
  2. Sun Sign: your core personality; your ego and will; who you are when you shine.
  3. Moon Sign: your feelings, emotions & emotional security; your unconscious; habits and reflex behavior and actions; who you were in the previous incarnation.


A Natal Chart is constructed utilizing your birthday, birth time (call mom) and birth location. Astrological Philosophy states that each soul incarnates at a precise time and in a precise place to best predispose the native to fulfill his/her life purpose.  This chart describes in accurate detail the twelve (12) spheres of mundane (earth) life and your basic drives and motivations in these areas.


The study of Astrology is a soul driven quest to understand more about your own basic energies and the energies of those you interact with.  Self understanding is the key to peace, harmony and balance.  We must first love ourselves unconditionally (all of it) if we are to successfully love others.  We must first understand ourselves to love ourselves.


I personally have been studying Medical Astrology and Astrological philosophy for approximately twenty five (25) years.  I use the natal chart as invaluable tool to better understand myself, my patients and the energy flow between people.  I am delighted to perform an Astrological chart analysis and profile upon request.


In the times of historically notable physicians Hippocrates & Nostradamus one could not be a physician without a comprehensive knowledge of Astrology.  I find Astrology most important in understanding and harmonizing with the energy of my patients.


The Astrological Signs and Planets are correlated with the anatomy, physiology and disease potential of the human body and provide an excellent basis for “Energy Medicine”.


Signs (12) – Anatomy & Disease Associations

1. Aries  (+), 3/20 – 4/20, RamCardinal Fire, Mars

*Anatomy – Face, Head, Skull, Brain, Eyes, Adrenal Glands

*Diseases – Headaches/Migraines, Sinusitis, High Temperatures, Eye/Visual Problems, Accidents – especially Head


2. Taurus   (-), 4/20 – 5/20, Bull, Fixed Earth, Venus

*Anatomy – Neck, Throat, Cervical Spine, Thyroid, Medulla Oblongata (Brainstem – Reptilian Brain)

*Diseases – Neck Pain, Frequent Sore Throats, Tonsillitis, Low Thyroid


3. Gemini  (+), 5/20 – 6/20, Twins, Mutable Air, Mercury

*Anatomy – Shoulders, Arms, Hands, Lungs, Nervous System, Tubes

*Diseases – Shoulder Pain, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Asthma, Anxiety, Speech & Learning problems


4. Cancer  (-), 6/20 – 7/20, Crab, Cardinal Water, Moon

*Anatomy – Breasts, Stomach, Uterus, Fluids, Mucus Membranes, Protective Coverings, Containers, Posterior Pituitary

*Diseases – Breast Disease, Stomach Ulcers/Acid Reflux, Fluid Retention (Edema)


5. Leo  (+), 7/20 – 8/20, Lion, Fixed Fire, Sun

*Anatomy – Thoracic Spine, Heart

*Diseases – Back Pain, Heart Disease, Heart Attacks


6. Virgo  (-), 8/20 – 9/20, Virgin, Mutable Earth, Mercury

*Anatomy – Intestines, Enteric Nervous System, Digestion

*Diseases – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Hiatal Hernia, Anxiety


7. Libra  (+), 9/20 – 10/20, Scales, Cardinal Air, Venus

*Anatomy – Lower Back, Kidneys (Erythropoetin, Renin, Vitamin D3), Pancreas Islet of Langerhans

*Diseases – Low Back Pain, Kidney Stones, Diabetes, Anemia


8. Scorpio  (-), 10/20 – 11/20, Scorpion, Fixed Water, Mars/Pluto

*Anatomy – Sexual & Elimination Organs: Genitals, Sweat Glands, Colon, Urethra, Nose

*Diseases – Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Strangury (Painful Urination), Hemorrhoids, Anal Fissures, Proctitis, Obsessive Compulsive disorder


9. Sagittarius  (+), 11/20 – 12/20, Archer, Mutable Fire, Jupiter

*Anatomy – Hips, Thighs, Buttocks

*Diseases – Hip Pain, Sciatica, Fat Accumulation Thighs & Buttocks, Locomotion Disorders


10. Capricorn  (-), 12/20 – 1/20, Goat, Cardinal Earth, Saturn

*Anatomy – Bones, Teeth, Skin, Joints – especially the Knees, Anterior Pituitary, Gall Bladder

*Diseases – Bone Disorders, Arthritis, Dental Carries, Knee Injuries, Rashes, Parkinson’s Disease, Depression


11. Aquarius  (+), 1/20 – 2/20, Water Bearer, Fixed Air, Uranus/Saturn

*Anatomy – Clalf, Ankle, Circulatory System, Electrical System, Nervous System

*Diseases – Ankle Pain & Injuries, Poor Circulation, Cardiac Arrhythmia, Spasms, Anxiety


12. Pisces  (-), 2/20 – 3/20, Fish, Mutable Water, Jupiter/Neptune

*Anatomy – Feet, Toes, Pineal Gland, Appendix, Immune System, Lymphatic System

*Diseases – Foot Pain & Injuries, Autoimmune Diseases, Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), Allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Sleep Disorders, Hard to Diagnose or Misdiagnosed problems


Planets (10)

Personal Planets

1. Sun:  Rules Leo (fire):  male, yang, the will, individuality, basic drive for significance, how you shine.

2. Moon:  Rules Cancer (water):  feminine, yin, feelings, emotions, habits, memory, unconscious, subconscious.

3. Mercury:  Rules Gemini & Virgo (air/earth):  neutral, thinking, writing, reading, communication, siblings, logic, lower mind, short distance travel.

4. Venus:  Rules Taurus & Libra (earth/air):  secular love, beauty, attraction, affection, music, values, money.

5. Mars:  Rules Aries & Scorpio (fire/water):  action, energy, aggression, anger, competitiveness, sports, war.

Bridge Planets

6. Jupiter:  Rules Sagittarius & Pisces (fire/water):  beliefs, religion, philosophy, higher education, higher mind, long distance travel.

7. Saturn:  Rules Capricorn & Aquarius (earth/air):  rules, obstacles, delays, structure, foundations, regulations, lessons, time, responsibility, duty.

Transpersonal Planets

8. Uranus:  Rules Aquarius (air):  shock, rebellion, invention, electricity, lightning, uniqueness, eccentricity.

9. Neptune:  Rules Pisces (water):  illusion, sensitization, confusion, blurry, fog, mist, divine love, art, music.

10. Pluto:  Rules Scorpio (water):  intensity, power, control, deep, dark, taboo, sex, crime, underworld, death, atomic/nuclear.